Legal Services

Legal services

  • Opinions
  • Licensing
  • IP Portfolio Management
  • Technology Transfer

Proven track record in IP legal services.

At Taiyo, we provide the full spectrum of legal services to protect and capitalize on your intellectual property in Japan.


  • Patentability/Registrability Opinions
  • Validity Opinions
  • Infringement Opinions
  • Risk Assessment Opinions

Our attorneys are well versed in the drafting of cogent and convincing Opinions for any number of situations or objectives.


  • Licensing Negotiations
  • Licensing Agreements

We are fully equipped to conduct licensing negotiations on your behalf and to draft any pertinent agreements or contracts.

IP Portfolio Management

  • Intellectual Property Evaluation
  • Intellectual Property Landscaping

We can support your business operations in Japan by facilitating the streamlining and/or consolidation of your IP assets; for example, by providing IP appraisal reports.

Technology Transfer

Our seasoned specialists can provide the requisite support for clients planning to engage in technology transfer in Japan; for example, by representing you in specific business operations and in technology transfer negotiations, by establishing corporate partnerships, and by drafting, and expediting the conclusion of, agreements or contracts.