At Taiyo, Nakajima & Kato, we advise clients on all aspects of intellectual property  law, including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and service marks, copyrights, opinion work, litigation, unfair competition prevention, arbitration, licensing, searches, and translation.
We use the latest technology and techniques to serve our clients in both well-established industries and emerging technologies.
As regards our international operations, we are always grateful when our associates overseas entrust us with work on behalf of their clients, and endeavor to build long-term relationships of mutual benefit throughout the world. Please rest assured that legal services performed for foreign clients and associates receive the same care and attention at our firm as those performed for our domestic clients.


  • Representation before the Japan Patent Office
  • Preparing and prosecuting Japanese patent applications
  • Maintaining Japanese patents
  • Performing professional patent searches
  • Pre-filing searches for assessing scope of patentability
  • Filing of PCT and overseas patent applications
  • Filing utility model applications
  • In-house drafting of drawings to meet the stringent standard demanded by the Japan Patent Office


Trademarks and Service Marks

  • Filing prosecution and administration of trademarks
    • Representation before the Japan Patent Office
    • Foreign and Regional Trademarks
  • Pre-filing computer searches for potential conflict
  • Professional search and analysis for availability and use/non-use of trademarks in Japan
  • Preparation of trademark licensing agreements
  • Handling trademark opposition proceedings
  • Conducting trials for cancellation of trademarks not in use



  • Representation before the Japan Patent Office
  • Preparing and prosecuting Japanese design applications
  • Maintaining Japanese design registrations
  • Professional search and analysis for availability of designs in Japan


Legal Opinions

  • Patentability/Registrability
  • Validity
  • Infringement
  • Risk assessment



  • Drafting licensing agreements
  • Conducting licensing negotiations



  • Trials for invalidation
  • Close cooperation with litigation counsel in preparing through and aggressive representation for our clients



  • With a large group of in-house translators consisting of both native Japanese and English speakers, we believe our translations of intellectual property-related documents to be among the best available